Eating and Workout

I have been working out all my life (working with weights since I was about 17yrs). As a basketball player went through about 8 training sessions per week. Now I am 30 and just want to stay fit/lean/healthy.

There are many theories out there of what works and what doesn’t (e.g.: High Fat/Low Carb -or- High Protein/Reg Carb/Low Fat. Here is what I found out through my experience, many books I’ve read and classes I took:

Eating after your workout is a great thing. You body needs protein to repair/grow the muscle-cells you have worked out. Just don’t take-in too many calories;

Get out your blender and try a BIG PROTEIN SHAKE made with water, a mixed-in BANANA and a lot of ICE. Tastes like a rich and heavy shake, but is relatively low in calories and has great nutritional value.

Wait some 20 minutes and drink water if you don’t feel full. After working out, your body needs protein, some carbs and a few grams of fatty acids (besides minerals fluids and vitamins). If you still feel a little hungry, try snacking on WALNUTS (small dose please – read the label). Walnuts have a very high content on Omega 3 fatty acids – the kind that our body cannot produce, but which are essential to life and of course: recovering.

A little pre-workout snack is not bad at all – choose snacks with a low glycemic index (suggest to type that into a search engine to get further explanation).

When trying to lose weight lift weights before working on cardio. Here is why: your body takes energy from four different sources.

(1) ATP  (2) Carbohydrates/Glycogen  (3) Fat   (4) Protein

You don’t want you body to get to stage (4) … That means it would take energy from its own substance. But you do want to stay in stage (3) for a while

So you go to the gym, lift weights for about 30-60 minutes, to burn most of the carbs in your muscles and work on Cardio (Bike, Stepper, Elliptical, Treadmill etc.) for another 30-60 minutes.

Always be careful when working out or changing your eating habits. Best thing is to consult a physician to assure that you are fit for physical activity and that you are getting the nutrients you need.

Dump and leave it here!

by (Super) Abuelita

I have been coming to here for almost a year now. I stumbled upon this site accidentally, or so I thought.

When I was feeling upset, sad, or even angry, I could depend on my friends on Shine to bring a smile to my face. Some may think, it’s just a computer, but when I was injured I was confined for two months to my wheelchair. Sometimes, I wondered if I would ever get out of it.
I do believe things happen for a reason. The reason may not be the reason we expected, or wanted, but it happens to us just the same.

I no longer am in my wheelchair. I am going full speed when I go to PT(physical therapy) and I know I have my CHEERLEADERS HERE to keep me motivated. I would like to thank all that HAVE BEEN there for me, tried to flip, but flopped, made me laugh till my sides hurt, gave me the motivation to keep on going, when I didn’t want to go, because it hurt. I thank you all.

Things have changed since I first came here. I will be swimming next month. I can walk now. I have dumped my problems to so many, I would like to be your place to dump, get rid of your emotions, problems, share stories, ask for prayer or anything you want.

Come by to visit,( drink casy’s cofee, she’s expanding, but doesn’t know it yet! LOL) ask for prayer or advice, leave jokes, recipes, whatever you want or need to do, or get rid of.

I want to be here, just like those that have been here for me.

So with all that being said Super Abuelita’s dumping place is officially open!!

Living free from the trash in our lives, is possible. Try it!! YOU WILL BE HAPPIER AND HEALTHIER!!
We need to be the HEALTHIEST that we can be.
You never know how much your HEALTH  means, until you lose it!!

Do you want to be happy

In U.S. society there is a huge emphasis of getting the latest trend item or acquiring more wealth to pay for the next trend item that surpasses the last one. All in the guise of necessity, compatibility keeping with the tenets of capitalism.

“You need this. You don’t have a text pad with your cell phone? You’re still running Windows ME? etc. You don’t have a stainless steel refrigerator? etc”

People will tie themselves to artifacts because they choose to depend on them for their identity. This leads to faulty reassurance of self-esteem through instant gratification. This is what spurs our economy today and is really one of the primary reasons we entered this recession.

People want things now, they want more because this is what the media tells them will make them happy. Its about manufacturing the American Dream through greed, not checks & balances or fiscal responsibility. The Crusade for More will always be there. Money will always be at the root of it. You have to choose to wake up and discern whether or not its a nightmare, dream, fantasy or just a plain illusion or just a marketing tool for those that are lost with who they are.

Finding someone that doesn’t choose the play the crusade game by media rules helps with the stress because you can rely on them to raise your self-esteem when you are feeling down and connect with them on that intimate level. This companionship should be the real emphasis.

You have to pay attention to the little things, the burnt chicken that you eat anyways, being thankful for clean drinking water (where in some parts of the world people don’t have access to), the dandelion that was plucked by the neighbors 4 yr old daughter and blown in your face. (“Thanks for the weed kid:P”)

Taking life a little bit slower is a lifestyle in itself. Taking things for granted; however, certainly seems to be huge catalyst. Its not easy ,you just have to discipline yourself to notice and evolve the initiative and selflessness to care about something more than yourself.


Pooping blood

Pooping blood is the result of distended veins (which cause hemorrhoids), which are located in the rectum, and anus’ lower part. In normal cases, they do not cause any problem, but if they get swollen, it can become very painful and then the patient has to treat it. There are two types of hemorrhoids; one is called, “Internal hemorrhoid” and the other is called “External hemorrhoid”. The internal hemorrhoids are present in the inside layer of rectum. The internal hemorrhoid cannot be felt physically and do not cause any kind of pain if everything is fine, but one has to cure hemorrhoids if he/she experiences any pain in anus or rectum, as the pain could be indicating hemorrhoids.

In the case of hemorrhoid swelling, the, the internal hemorrhoid protrudes through the anus. The outer skin, which surrounds the anus, has external hemorrhoids beneath it. It can also be not felt except in the case of abnormality, such as swelling of the hemorrhoid or when the blood clot is blocked in the vein, which is very painful, and demands to cure hemorrhoids.

The Causes

The most common cause of dark blood in poop is the swollen veins, which are caused when there is a strain, causing bloody stool. Pregnancy can also be one major reason of hemorrhoids, as during pregnancy the enlarged uterus put a pressure on the rectum. Treatment of hemorrhoids is very important if one feels pain or bleeding through anus. Another significant cause of hemorrhoids can be constipation too, as hemorrhoids are often associated with constipation that also puts strain on the bowel and stool passing. Liver problem can also lead to the hemorrhoid pain. One must see the doctor immediately to cure hemorrhoids if he/she experiences any such symptom such as problem in stool passing or swelling.

Symptoms Of Hemorrhoids

As the early symptom of hemorrhoids, one may experience bleeding from the anus, resulting in blood in your stool. This bleeding is mostly painless. The bleeding can be seen with the passage of poop, or it can just keep dripping when one uses toilet to poop. This bleeding stops itself after a limited period of time.  To cure hemorrhoids, one must take notice of earliest symptoms.

However, pooping blood may not be the one and only reason for hemorrhoids as bleeding can occur due to tumor, infection, or inflammatory disease of bowel. The symptoms of the problem in internal or external hemorrhoids are different each other and in order to treat it correctly, one must know about the problem in detail. In case of abnormality in internal hemorrhoids, the veins swell and the swelling go to the extent that the hemorrhoid is prolapsed outside the anus. This protruded hemorrhoid can be felt like a lump.

The internal hemorrhoid sticking out of the anus can be pushed back through the anal hole. This may solve it temporarily, but it will not completely cure it in any case, and there will be a time when the protruded hemorrhoid will become so swelled that it could not be pushed back anymore as the lump will be wedged.

Therefore, it is more advisable to take notice of blood in poop at the initial stage. The one suffering from hemorrhoid pain also feels harsh and experience uncontrollable itching inside the anus and every time during the passage of poop, there feels a blockage that rouses the urge of needling for the movement of bowel. The external hemorrhoid pain has a more chronic condition, which is known also as “Thrombosed External Hemorrhoid”. This condition crops up when a blot clot is blocked inside the hemorrhoid and produces great pain and itching. To treat this the blood clot in the vein has to be removed in the first place to allow the passage of blood and ease bowel movement.

The reason behind Thrombosed External Hemorrhoids being painful is that, the blood clot, which blocks the vein, causes increased swelling of the hemorrhoid, which causes increased pain. Doctors treat blood in poop as the pain increases if the patient sits, because sitting causes pressure on the rectum and the hemorrhoid, which has clogged blood clot.

The Cure

There are of course proper medical treatments to treat this condition, but there are some home remedies too, which can be adopted to cure hemorrhoids. To soothe the inflammation of the hemorrhoid and soften the stool, the patient must sit in a tub of warm water. This treatment can be performed regularly for 15 to 20 minutes and after having done with bath tub sitting, the anus area must be dried off with towel as otherwise, further inflammation can occur. As prevention and cure of hemorrhoid, doctors also recommend the intake of plenty of water and other health and fresh beverages to prevent the hardening of bowel movement.

For treatment, doctors also recommend patients not to sit on hard places such as wooden chair or bench for longer period as sitting can worsen the problem. Patients must get rubber or air donuts to sit on as these donuts are soft, and helps to ease the hemorrhoids problem.

Medically, there are many treatments to cure hemorrhoids. Some include oral intakes and other includes surgeries to treat dark blood in poop.  Various kinds of surgeries are used to cure hemorrhoids such as stapled Hemorrhoidectomy, a laser therapy that it used to make the internal hemorrhoids hard.

Hemorrhoids are a serious and painful bowel condition and one must not delay any time to cure hemorrhoids. The pain from your bloody poop can occur in consecutive intervals and patients may ignore it by considering it a normal bowel pain, such perception towards it is wrong as the earlier we go for treatment, the better it will be.

March Break

Many are the skills a man must bring to bear as a parent.

Of course people talk about patience, ability to operate on little or no sleep, a high tolerance for revolting stenches and sudden, disgusting surprises.

(I think my favorite parenting story of all time is the classic “neck poo” story of my friend Andrew: he was sitting in a coffee shop with his son Joe, who turned beet red and with a look on intense concentration on his face filled his diaper– this much Andrew knew, this much he could tell: what he didn’t realize just how successfully Joe had filled his diaper…until a little hunk of poo squirted out of Joe’s collar).

But what they rarely talk about is what a great time killer you have to be.

You have to become a time assassin. A murderer of minutes, a strangler of hours.

And that for many of us is what March break is all about. You stare at your kids. They stare at you. Both with the same thought balloon: “What am I supposed to do with you?”

So as a parent you have to bump off the day. You have to ice it. You lure it into the back of your Cadillac El Dorado, take it out to a lonely, unpopulated spot, and whack it.

You go to Chudleigh’s apple farm. You go to the museum. You go to the movies. Everywhere you go, you encounter other parents and caregivers with the same glazed expression, patiently ushering that day into the hands of The Grim Reaper.

This year we’re killing time on the slopes, we bought a bunch of used ski equipment and we’re going to hit a couple of the bumps that can’t even call themselves mountains in the vicinity.

Anyway, I don’t need a mountain. I’m a horrible skier and even worse snowboarder. And the way it looks I’m never going to get any better.

I know this. I am at peace with this fact. Here’s what will happen. I can tell you in advance. Me no need no crystal ball to tell you what will happen. My 11-year-old and 8-year-old will blast off with Pam, my wife, they’ll hit all the most challenging runs. I won’t see them all day.

I’ll be skiing with my 5-year-old– at first. But his learning curve will outstrip mine, soon he’ll grow tired of my lack of skills, and head off with the others.

And I’ll be all alone. I’ll go down the beginners run a few more time.

Then even I will get bored with my horrible skiing skills, and I’ll go back to the chill room, scarf down a hot dog, tap on my laptop, think about maybe slipping up to the room for a nap.

It works out. I’ve got quite a bit of work to do anyway.

And at the end of it all, another week will lay stretched out on the slab, ready for the coroner’s examination.

Knee Pain Overview

Keeping fit is something we all aspire for, which explains all the time we spend running around to keep the fat at bay.  Too much of that running or whatever cardiovascular exercise you do, however, can also cause your body harm.  This is especially true for your knees.  This is one part of the body that most commonly suffers from some kind of pain, particularly as one gets older.  To understand why that is, a small understanding of the parts and function of this joint is in order.  For starters, the knee is one of if not the most important joint in the whole body.  It’s a major weight bearing joint without which the basic act of walking around wouldn’t be possible.  Even this fundamental act, however, isn’t so simple.

The knee is composed of a complex network of cartilage, ligaments and joint fluid.  Along with the muscles that surround it, they all work together in making the knees bend, flex, and rotate.  This joint is so well made that it allows us to lift weights as heavy as several times that of a regular human body.  But this doesn’t mean regular wear and tear won’t affect it.  In fact, the exact opposite is true.  Due to the number of moving sections and the amount of stress we put our knees in, they are the most pain inflicted joints in the whole body.  Also, due to the number of breakable parts involved, there are quite the number of ailments and injuries associated with them.

When we are young, and all the joints are well oiled with fluid from the bursae surrounding the knees, normal wear and tear won’t really do much.  It takes some serious banging around with sports and exercise to do some real pain.  Even young athletes suffer from sprained, strained, or even torn ligaments.  Other athletic injuries include broken joints, tendinitis, and inflammation.  Outside of injuring one’s self, certain afflictions also cause knee pain while running.  When kids grow up, they can feel pain during rapid growth spurts.  This is a condition called Osteochondritis dissecans.  With old age, knee pain becomes even more common.  There is less fluid in the joints to lessen friction, and at this point, the parts of the knee aren’t as strong as they used to be.  The most common result is arthritis.  Whether inflammatory or not, the different kinds of arthritis can leave a person in a debilitating state.  The pain caused can be just as serious as a ligament tear and if will be felt regularly if it becomes chronic.

It’s a good thing, then, that there are many treatments and medications available to treat knee pain and its causes.  Even at home, simple hot or cold pack therapy can be a huge relief.  For serious pain, pain killers like ibuprofen can be prescribed.  Cortisone shots can also be used to lessen swelling.  Sometimes, just resting the knee for a few weeks or months will bring it back to normal.  In remote cases, a knee joint replacement surgery may be required.  It all depends on the severity of the affliction.

Symptoms of a heart attack in women

The symptoms of a heart attack in women are not obvious as in men. Women feels a burning sensation in the upper abdomen which is similar to the abdominal discomfort while indigestion. The number one reason of death worldwide in both men and women is a heart attack. Still there are so many women who do not know that they can have heart diseases when they will grow older. They remain ignorant about the problems due to heart disease and the warning signs and symptoms of a heart attack.
Therefore it is advisable that everyone especially women must learn the heart attack symptoms so that they can diagnose the signs and get treatment on time. If the symptoms of a heart attack in women are diagnosed properly then they are likely to be treated with preventive medicines and thus the risk of life reduces. Misdiagnosis or ignoring the warning symptoms of a heart attack in women places them at greater risk. They fail to seek a medical attention early. We must find the ways to create the awareness among people for knowing the symptoms of a heart attack in women. The awareness programs must be run by the various governmental and non-governmental organizations to create awareness for doctors as well as for public.
The symptoms of a heart attack in women include:
Discomfort in chest and abdomen
Shortness of breath
Unusual fatigue
Sleep disturbances
Indigestion feeling in upper abdomen
Cold sweat
Tingling pain in jaw
Pain in arms and back and even in jaws
There are some unusual signs of heart attack which are less common in women:
Atypical chest pain at the centre
Unexplained weakness
Anxiety due to fear of death

Diet Plans

By clicking here: weight loss, you will be forwarded to a new low fat high protein diet website the Causes Of Heart Attack team found called womens heart disease. We found this ideal body weight information while searching the web for stroke warning sign and stroke symptoms expertise. Many of our reviews at Causes Of Heart Attack are for heart attack symptoms websites. Well, this review of womens heart disease falls more into the category of diet plans topics than it does into heart health topics. The website has a few sections on low sodium recipes. They also have sections on new cancer drugs and weight loss pills to boot. Many of you know a bunch about heart attack and heart health already. This site will help you dig into how colon cancer integrates with these topics.

I would be willing to bet that low fat high protein diet is the most popular part of the womens heart disease website. Second and third most popular areas would probably be womens heart disease and weight loss. If you do not find the list of low sodium foods information you seek from womens heart disease, then come on back to Causes Of Heart Attack and let us know. We want to make sure you have only the most complete heart attack and heart health information possible. Looking up information on medical dictionary online has never been easier. You just have to comb through what they have on list of heart diseases and stroke warning sign to get it all figured out. Feedback on our medical dictionary online type of website review is welcome as is any comments you have on our heart attack symptoms or heart health areas of our site. We hope you enjoyed your visit to Causes Of Heart Attack and enjoyed our review of Causes Of Heart Attack and learned a little more about heart health!