Gluten Filled and Gluten Free + a BONUS life lesson

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As I have previously mentioned, I have been following a primarily low gluten/low glycemic index diet. I do not do this for any other reason besides the fact that Jordan has a sensitivity (not a full-blown crap your pants sensitivity, just a mild stomach discomfort) and also because of recovery time with high intensity exercise (which I have greatly increased in the last few months). In case you didn’t catch all of that:

Sprinting backward with a sled + Husband with Gluten intolerance = decrease in gluten rich/ high glycemic index foods.

*Don’t know what glycemic index (GI) is? GI is the measure of how rapidly and how high a given carbohydrate raises a person’s blood sugar in a noted amount of time. High GI foods include any carbohydrate that is easily digested and rapidly releases the consumed glucose into the blood stream (i.e. bread, rice, sugar, or any food containing all of these… pastries, white bread). Foods with low GI include carbohydrates which have a high amount of fiber or protein in them (or eaten with them). Fiber and protein increase digestion time causing the blood sugar to rise slowly and more steadily instead of a burst of glucose/sugar into the blood stream all at once.  Aim for COMPLEX carbs.
*Disclaimer: the source for this information = the many hours of Nutrition courses I have taken and the knowledge I have gained and thus, applied to my life experiences.

With that being said, I have actually decreased my want for breads and pastas and other things. BUT sometimes I cave. Yesterday I was craving carbs! And I don’t mean bananas, sweet potatoes, and apples. I was craving CARBS! Like the ones where a little bit goes a long (bloating) way.

Like this kind! No worries, I used whole wheat pasta :) I haven’t had a meal like this in …. a long time. I made the meat sauce with ground Turkey also for a lower fat option to ground beef. Please read the below side note.

** Side note: as we sit down to eat Jordan casually asks “So what did you put in this that I hate”. Okay, I do have a record of trying to hide nutritious deliciousness  in his meals and not telling him (i.e. flax seed, spinach) but he usually notices somehow (maybe he has a radar for extremely healthy ingredients). So I answered “nothing”. As we ate our dinner and he was about 3/4 through I mentioned that I used ground Turkey in the preparation of this sauce…. Oh the look of disgust. Can’t taste a difference, not sure what the problem was?!?

Here let me also mention that I purchased GF Penne, I cooked GF Penne, I threw out GF Penne. I am sorry, to all you Celiacer’s (no, that is not a real word) I disliked the texture and chalky taste. So I said screw it, and we ate the whole wheat!

Also, I think when diagnosed with Celiac Disease there should also be a mandatory six figure pay increase or glamorous job promotion so you can afford the chalky, inaccessible, extremely high-priced food. If you don’t have Celiac and you CHOOSE to live GF then… sell your car and start walking. But… I digress.

So that was my gluten filled dinner last night. I did however, abstain from wine/beer with dinner. The gluten filled deliciousness was enough to cure my cravings!

This morning J made a smoothie before heading to work. No doubt to pay for our GF living, stolen vehicles, and his wife’s new found crossfit passion. God bless the man! I had half of the fruit smoothie: Strawberries, banana, blueberries, almond milk, nonfat vanilla yogurt and ice (no flax OR spinach).  And a Van’s GF blueberry waffle topped with PB, Crofter’s fruit spread, and blueberries (oh glorious day, no oats).

These are pretty good! I have had the whole wheat one’s and they are better. But for a GF option these are the best I have tried!

Just got on the Crofter’s wagon. Love it!

And I just ate my GF version of last night’s dinner. Not down with this 2 letter acronym? GF=gluten free, now you are.

Just use a spoon to take out the middle of the zucchini or yellow squash, I used yellow because I had a large one. Make sure to leave a base so the filling doesn’t drip out. I took last night’s leftover turkey marinara (literally ground turkey and a jar of whatever marinara I had :/) and mixed it with about 1/4 c. of italian blend cheese and some Parmesan and filled them.

Bake at 350 degrees for 20-25min. Sprinkle with more cheese and bake for 20 more min.

The need for the above photo is lost on me…. In case you didn’t understand what bake means?!?

YUM! The cheese gets toasted and brown and melts in the center! It was a great GF option to eating the sauce over pasta!!

Emma approves ;)

Today I am giving myself a rest day from exercise. Yesterday I was strangely exhausted and although I am twitching with energy right now I am making myself find another outlet… most notably right now, sarcastic blogging and studying. But alas, the rain has ceased so I think it is time for a walk with the little nugget. I will get back to the gym tomorrow, I have a good workout planned!

Though I hate to disrupt her floor gazing.

Not sure what is on the agenda for this evening… you never know :) Happy Saturday!

Good Eggs: New fertility test says it can measure how many high-quality eggs you have left

by Jessica Ashley

A new test is in town, and it might just give women information about their fertility they never expected to find: Exactly how many “good eggs” they have left.  Even if it could predict how many high-quality eggs we have and how that affects our chances of getting pregnant, is that information we want to know?

Plan Ahead, the first test of its kind to test and predict a woman’s “ovarian reserve,” will be available in fertility clinics in eleven states in the next few weeks. Marketed by Repromedix, it will be available for $350 to women who want a higher-tech insight into family planning than has previously been available.

How does this thing work anyway?
Plan Ahead’s calculations are based on tracking three hormonal tests:

* inhibin B, a protein derived from egg follicles
* anti-mullerian hormone, generated by the cells that surround eggs that have not yet matured
* follicle stimulating hormone, which prompts development of the eggs

These hormone levels are combined with the woman’s age and estrogen levels to create a formula for her fertility. Or at least conceive a score for how many eggs are viable for reproduction.

Do they really count the eggs?
The hormonal tests that Plan Ahead depends upon to derive this score aren’t new to the market, and some experts are concerned about the use and analysis of the anti-mullerian hormone since the Food and Drug Administration has not yet approved it for commercial distribution. Adding fuel to this fertility testing fire is the lack of published data by marketing company Repromedix. Although Repromedix conducted a study of 200 women’s ovarian reserves, the results have not yet been published in a peer-reviewed journal.

Some doctors say the test should be clinically established before the idea — or Plan Ahead itself — is sold to women. Although clinical data and FDA clearance isn’t being made available by Repromedix at this point, the company is making a very important point about what the test can’t do: It can’t predict whether or not a woman is fertile or how quickly she will get pregnant. It also cannot determine the rate of deterioration of the viable eggs she does have.

Simply put, it all comes down to the count. All the math and blood tests and money and technology tells a woman one thing: If she’s at risk of having a low supply of “good eggs.”

Why is this count so controversial?
At Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine, the chief of reproductive endocrinology and infertility, Dr. Ralph Krazer told the Chicago Tribune that he thinks Plan Ahead’s being offered to women prematurely “[g]iven the state of the science.”

In New York, Dr. Zev Rosenwaks took his concerns a step further. As the director of the Center for Reproductive Medicine and Infertility at New York Weill Cornell Medical Center, he questioned Plan Ahead’s value for patients worrying that results could generate false reassurance or panic among women who are tested.

While the science here is fascinating — just think, a mathematical formula that is essentially a peek into the amazing and previously far more mysterious underworld of our ovaries — as a woman, a mother, a person who wants to parent again in the future, I think Plan Ahead carries as many (if not more) anxieties than those other pregnancy-related tests.

Do we need to stress over another plus or minus sign?
I can’t imagine a woman or couple who haven’t been overwhelmed by pounding hearts while waiting for a plus or minus sign to appear on a pregnancy test. And if you’ve been through an amnio, age-related risk assesments, ultrasound and genetic “abnormality” tests, you’re familiar with the worry they produce over issues you never considered when you chose to become a parent. While I’ve been fortunate to be more fertile than I expected that one night after several pitchers of microbrews and mood lighting, I’ve known too many women who’ve experienced the emotional roller coaster of infertility drugs and treatments, hormones and panic in an effort to become pregnant. Sure, the science is incredible and has aided, inspired, guided and gifted many people with pregnancies, but it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t come free or even cheap.

The cost here, I am concerned, is the opportunity for more anxiety to creep into a woman’s biology. While Plan Ahead is geared, the manufacturer says, toward women in their mid-to-late 30s who have already experienced difficulty conceiving and want to test their ovum and themselves to see if they should pursue in vitro treatment, I imagine many more women in that will have their blood drawn for the cause.

Oh yeah. There are plenty of questions. A lifetime of ’em for a lifetime of ovum.
A girl child is born with a lifetime supply of eggs and once she starts menstruating, the eggs are released, with a sharp decline as she moves through her 30s. This basic biology is not new to us, but the cultural move to later motherhood is relatively recent. So how does a test that measures that egg supply factor in?

Will women make different maternal choices if they know they’re lacking lots of high-quality eggs?

Will the question of how many “good eggs” a woman has follow whether she’s got a clean bill of health, is STD-free and even wants children at all?

Will women who’ve chosen to put a college, a career, travel, themselves first in their 20s suddenly feel the necessity to put that all aside if there’s a chance their eggs may not outlast their other ambitions?

As family planning takes this turn, is the science formulating the potential for anxiety more tests could produce for people who want to become parents, if not now then maybe, possibly one day on down the road?

While we’re busy counting “good eggs,” are we also accounting for the emotional responses to Plan Ahead just being available?

What’s your response to Plan Ahead?: Would you take this fertility test if it was available in your city?

Know the Facts About Infantigo

Before I get into some of the facts about Infantigo which can also called Impetigo, I want to first talk about the biggest organ on our bodies, and that is our skin. Believe it or not, it wasn’t until a few years ago that I became aware that our skin was even considered to be an organ.

And out of all the organs in our bodies, our skin could be considered as being the most important. I know you’re probably thinking about our heart, brain, liver, kidneys and stomach, but think about it. It’s our skin that hold all these things together, so in my book that makes it more important.

Our Skin Is Made Up Of Three Different Layers

  • The outside layer is the epidermis.
  • The next layer is the dermis, and this contains all our nerve endings, blood vessels, oil glands and sweat glands. It also contains elastin and collagen.
  • The third layer is the  subcutaneous which is made mostly of fat and helps our bodies stay warm. It also helps hold the skin to all the tissues underneath it and absorbs trauma or shock to our bodies.

Our skin is also the first defense against any bacterial infections, and even though many bacteria already live on the surface, only healthy skin can protect us from any infections.

The most serious complication of Impetigo is a severe kidney disease that occurs following a strep infection, but this only occurs in less than 1% of the cases and mostly occurs in children. So let’s go over some of the facts about Impetigo…

It Is A Bacterial Infection Of The Surface Of The Skin

Yes, Impetigo happens to be a highly contagious bacterial skin infection which can show up anywhere on your body, but generally attacks your exposed areas. Children tend to get Impetigo on their face, especially around their mouth and nose, and sometimes even their legs or legs.

The bacteria responsible for this infection depends on which form of Impetigo you have. If you have the Non-Bullous form, the bacteria responsible would be either Staphylococcus or Streptococcus. If you should be suffering from the Bullous form of the disease, this is caused by the Staphylococcus bacteria.

The areas that are infected can range from dime to quarter size and start out as tiny blisters that break to expose moist, red skin. After a few days, the infected area gets a golden, grainy crust that gradually spreads.

This infection Is More Common In Children Than In Adults

The reason Impetigo is so common among children is because it can be easily spread to them by other children in school or pre-school. This is why it is also called “school sores.” It has been said that this disease really loves skin that has had other skin problems like poison ivy, skin rashes from allergies or eczema.

If your child has contracted Impetigo, you should keep them home from school or day care until they are no longer contagious, which is usually 24 to 48 hours after you begin treatment with the antibiotics. Without antibiotics, Impetigo will remain contagious until the sores go away.

During this time you have to be careful with their bed linen, clothes, towels and wash clothes. The key is to keep them separate from your other laundry and wash them daily. I suggest this because Impetigo can also be spread to other members of your family if they come into contact with items that have been handled by your child while they were still contagious.

Another thing is to try your best to keep the infected area as isolated as possible. If your child touches any other part of their body with hands or fingers that have touched the infected area, that area will also become infected.

This is why it’s important to start treatment of Impetigo as quickly as possible. The faster healing begins, the less you have to worry about this infection spreading.

There Is An Extreme Form Of Impetigo

The extreme form of Impetigo is called Ecthyma. If not treated quickly and properly the infection could invade down to a deeper layer of your skin. Because of this, some people call Ecthyma, “deep impetigo.” The one thing to be aware of if the infection gets this advanced is that the sores could cause permanent scarring and pigment changes.

Scarring And Permanent Skin Damage Is Very Rare

Impetigo is not serious and is easy to treat, but the key is to treat it in the early stages. It could clear on its own in two to three weeks, and of course if you decide to use antibiotics this can shorten the course of the disease and stop it from spreading to others.

It doesn’t leave scars or damage to the skin, but as I stated above, if you don’t treat it right away, and it advances to Ecthyma, then there will be scarring after it heals.

Pooping blood

Pooping blood is the result of distended veins (which cause hemorrhoids), which are located in the rectum, and anus’ lower part. In normal cases, they do not cause any problem, but if they get swollen, it can become very painful and then the patient has to treat it. There are two types of hemorrhoids; one is called, “Internal hemorrhoid” and the other is called “External hemorrhoid”. The internal hemorrhoids are present in the inside layer of rectum. The internal hemorrhoid cannot be felt physically and do not cause any kind of pain if everything is fine, but one has to cure hemorrhoids if he/she experiences any pain in anus or rectum, as the pain could be indicating hemorrhoids.

In the case of hemorrhoid swelling, the, the internal hemorrhoid protrudes through the anus. The outer skin, which surrounds the anus, has external hemorrhoids beneath it. It can also be not felt except in the case of abnormality, such as swelling of the hemorrhoid or when the blood clot is blocked in the vein, which is very painful, and demands to cure hemorrhoids.

The Causes

The most common cause of dark blood in poop is the swollen veins, which are caused when there is a strain, causing bloody stool. Pregnancy can also be one major reason of hemorrhoids, as during pregnancy the enlarged uterus put a pressure on the rectum. Treatment of hemorrhoids is very important if one feels pain or bleeding through anus. Another significant cause of hemorrhoids can be constipation too, as hemorrhoids are often associated with constipation that also puts strain on the bowel and stool passing. Liver problem can also lead to the hemorrhoid pain. One must see the doctor immediately to cure hemorrhoids if he/she experiences any such symptom such as problem in stool passing or swelling.

Symptoms Of Hemorrhoids

As the early symptom of hemorrhoids, one may experience bleeding from the anus, resulting in blood in your stool. This bleeding is mostly painless. The bleeding can be seen with the passage of poop, or it can just keep dripping when one uses toilet to poop. This bleeding stops itself after a limited period of time.  To cure hemorrhoids, one must take notice of earliest symptoms.

However, pooping blood may not be the one and only reason for hemorrhoids as bleeding can occur due to tumor, infection, or inflammatory disease of bowel. The symptoms of the problem in internal or external hemorrhoids are different each other and in order to treat it correctly, one must know about the problem in detail. In case of abnormality in internal hemorrhoids, the veins swell and the swelling go to the extent that the hemorrhoid is prolapsed outside the anus. This protruded hemorrhoid can be felt like a lump.

The internal hemorrhoid sticking out of the anus can be pushed back through the anal hole. This may solve it temporarily, but it will not completely cure it in any case, and there will be a time when the protruded hemorrhoid will become so swelled that it could not be pushed back anymore as the lump will be wedged.

Therefore, it is more advisable to take notice of blood in poop at the initial stage. The one suffering from hemorrhoid pain also feels harsh and experience uncontrollable itching inside the anus and every time during the passage of poop, there feels a blockage that rouses the urge of needling for the movement of bowel. The external hemorrhoid pain has a more chronic condition, which is known also as “Thrombosed External Hemorrhoid”. This condition crops up when a blot clot is blocked inside the hemorrhoid and produces great pain and itching. To treat this the blood clot in the vein has to be removed in the first place to allow the passage of blood and ease bowel movement.

The reason behind Thrombosed External Hemorrhoids being painful is that, the blood clot, which blocks the vein, causes increased swelling of the hemorrhoid, which causes increased pain. Doctors treat blood in poop as the pain increases if the patient sits, because sitting causes pressure on the rectum and the hemorrhoid, which has clogged blood clot.

The Cure

There are of course proper medical treatments to treat this condition, but there are some home remedies too, which can be adopted to cure hemorrhoids. To soothe the inflammation of the hemorrhoid and soften the stool, the patient must sit in a tub of warm water. This treatment can be performed regularly for 15 to 20 minutes and after having done with bath tub sitting, the anus area must be dried off with towel as otherwise, further inflammation can occur. As prevention and cure of hemorrhoid, doctors also recommend the intake of plenty of water and other health and fresh beverages to prevent the hardening of bowel movement.

For treatment, doctors also recommend patients not to sit on hard places such as wooden chair or bench for longer period as sitting can worsen the problem. Patients must get rubber or air donuts to sit on as these donuts are soft, and helps to ease the hemorrhoids problem.

Medically, there are many treatments to cure hemorrhoids. Some include oral intakes and other includes surgeries to treat dark blood in poop.  Various kinds of surgeries are used to cure hemorrhoids such as stapled Hemorrhoidectomy, a laser therapy that it used to make the internal hemorrhoids hard.

Hemorrhoids are a serious and painful bowel condition and one must not delay any time to cure hemorrhoids. The pain from your bloody poop can occur in consecutive intervals and patients may ignore it by considering it a normal bowel pain, such perception towards it is wrong as the earlier we go for treatment, the better it will be.

Night splints for plantar fasciitis

Here we discuss how night splints may help you alleviate the pain you experience from having plantar fasciitis.  These splints are designed to elongate and stretch the plantar fascia ligament to reduce inflammation and swelling, especially while you lay sleeping.  There is debate as to how effective night splints are, as they do not do anything to alleviate pain or stretch the plantar fascia ligament during the day hours.  It is also worth noting that they attach not only to the heel/ankle, but to the calf and sometimes knee.  Because of this many sufferers consider the device to be bulky and awkward, but if the patient can overcome the awkwardness of the device it may help alleviate a serious problem.  It should also be noted that orthotics serve the same function (to stretch the plantar fascia ligament) and can be used during the day while using the splint at night.

Plantar fasciitis is process that affects the plantar fascia, which is a ligament in the bottom of the foot and heel.  It causes inflammation and typically occurs as a result of overusing the tendon/arch of the foot (which can occur as a result of too much exercise or even walking in some cases).  It is worth noting that because ligaments and tendons don’t have any blood vessels they cannot become ‘inflamed’.  Instead chronic plantar fasciitis is characterized by continuous micro-tears to the tendon, resulting in degeneration versus inflammation.

It is also worth noting that plantar fasciitis does not just occur among athletes and individuals whose jobs require them to walk a lot.  The condition can also occur in individuals who are recovering from hip, knee, ankle or leg surgery.  The reason for this is because the process of recovery typically involves walking with an uneven amount of weight being placed on one leg while favoring the injured leg.  Because of this injury and sports therapists must emphasize weight bearing during recovery, which is the crucial process of making sure an even amount of weight is distributed between both legs when beginning the process of walking again.  And last but not least, the condition may occur amongst individuals with a high body mass index.

As for the effectiveness of plantar fasciitis night splints, many sufferers find that they help alleviate one of the most common symptoms: morning heel pain.  One of the most painful symptoms a sufferer endures are the first steps in the morning, when the heel and tendons have tightened up as a result of not being used.  When this happens, the micro-tears that occur in the heel are most prone to stretching and a result pain.

Night splints help alleviate this by continuously stretching the plantar fascia throughout the night.  As a result, the tendon is not ‘tight’ in the morning, making the process of taking those first few steps less uncomfortable.  Unfortunately, their effectiveness is limited to helping to alleviate morning pain.  Given this, those who suffer from P.F. may use other treatments in combination with a night splint.  Orthotics serve the same function as night splints, and are more practical as they can be inserted into shoes and worn throughout the entire day.  It is also worth noting that custom orthotics have not been proven to be any more effective than over-the-counter orthotics (which are much cheaper).

As for the splints themselves, research has shown that various designs and brands have virtually the same effect.  Given this, you may not need to invest in the most expensive night splint available as it is unlikely it will provide more alleviation than less expensive alternatives. You should find an examination for various brands, models, and sizes, including prices and consumer reviews so you have an idea of what a splint will cost you and which brands consumers have found to be most effective.

Additional Information:

The night splint which is a brace that attaches to the foot, ankle and the lower leg and is worn at night when you go bed. Its intended purpose is to stretch the plantar fascia ligament while you sleep. It is to help reduce initial pain after getting out of the bed and making the first few steps in the morning.

The design of the night splints will enable you to stretch your calf and plantar fascia while you sleep. There are current findings that support the use of night splints and that it is indeed useful to help reduce initial pain after getting out of bed.

Nevertheless, there are arguments against night splints because it cannot support the stretching of the plantar fascia ligament action that is needed for most people while they are on their feet working, exercising, or performing their daily routines. It is too cumbersome to be brought to work and worn during work. Lastly, It’s not design to be worn and be on the move.

Apart from these, many people also find it difficult to get used to the night splint fixed on their feet when they get down to sleep.

All in all, many people still find the night splint is a good equipment to help them reduce intense heel pain in the morning.

Exercises for Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis, what is it?  What do people feel when they are affected by this condition? The truth is Plantar Fasciitis has been known as a real painful foot disease that makes the sufferer feel overwhelming pain under or around the heel, in the bottom of the foot. People who suffer from this syndrome are those that misuse the plantar fascia. Many people are affected and treating it can be challenging because the health trouble is the result of the day-to-day routine of the sufferer.

Ten years ago, medical science thought it was an inflammatory condition. But research shows there are no inflammatory cells in the plantar fascia. What causes the pain is the deterioration of the collagen due to overload or overuse of the foot. Be aware that the treatment will differ with each patient. Some people will get pain relief with ice application on the foot while others will need surgery. But the general consensus is that exercises provide effective relief.

Plantar fasciitis exercises seem to be the way to go to treat this health trouble.  But what are the recommended exercises to treat this problem? Is there a possibility that they do more harm than good? Will the pain go away a day?

Those are the question that every sufferer will ask. I know that because I have been there. But the truth is if you know how to stretch the plantar fascia, you will surely reduce or eliminate the pain rapidly.

Let us clarify this: it’s a fact that you will find relief by using these exercises below. But remember that you must execute them correctly. It’s obligatory.  But the real secret is to listen to your body. It will always let you know if what you are doing is good or bad. If you feel that the workouts make you feel worse. Stop them and see a specialist.

7 Exercises


This exercise’s objective is to stretch the plantar fascia: Stand up. Pull up on the toes and foot. Stay in the stretch position for twenty seconds. Relax. Rinse and repeat as often as you can.


The goal of this exercise is to settle the pain. You execute it before getting out of bed. The reason is simple: sufferers generally feel the pain intensively when they get out of bed. If they massage and stretch the fascia at this time, pain will be reduced considerably.

While you are still lying down, flex your foot up and down 15 times. Now sit down on the bed. Take a tennis ball and roll it with your foot’s arch. Now time to stand up. Continue the rolling with the ball.


Take a towel and out it on the floor. Try to bring it towards you with your toes. Put it again on the floor and now grab and lift it up with your toes. Repeat these exercises with the towel at least 20 times.


Stand up on one foot. Draw a circle in the air with your big toe by moving your foot. Do it clockwise. Stop 5 seconds. Now do the same exercise counterclockwise. Do this exercise at least 20 times a day.


Stand up at 35-45 cm near a wall. Place your hands on the wall while facing the wall straight. Put one foot in front of the other. Keep your back knee straight  while trying to bend your front knee. Then try to push the wall gently. Hold on ten seconds then relax. Repeat this exercise 15 times a day.


Sit down on a chair. Stretch one of your legs in front of you. Take a towel and loop it around your right foot’s ball. Try to pull it toward you. Hold for 20 seconds. Now do it with the left foot. Repeat 10 times a day.


For this exercise, you will need a belt. Just take the belt at each end. Put your foot’s ball at the center of the belt while stretching your leg. Pull toward your body or your nose. Repeat with the other foot. Do it 30 times a day.

Bottom line:

Be assured that these exercises will really help cure your plantar fasciitis problem if you do them daily, in the morning and in the evening. I know this works because they have helped so many people including me. They will surely help you. But keep in mind that there are many other exercises that you can find.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis(RA) is a chronic condition that is typically diagnosed during the middle adult ages. RA symptoms include joint pain, inflammation, red skin, swelling and heat. Joint deformation is among the most severe RA symptoms that can occur if proper treatment is not administered.


The cause of rheumatoid arthritis stem from a malfunction in the immune system. The immune system overreacts, and the body starts attacking the lining of various joints throughout the body. Researchers aren’t certain what triggers this cause of RA, but when the immune system malfunctions there is no curing the condition. Medications are available to help control the immune system’s overreaction, but the symptoms progressively get worse over time.

Symptoms & Signs

Rheumatoid arthritis symptoms affect each patient somewhat differently. Some people may have more joint stiffness, and others may experience more daytime fatigue. However, joint pain is the constant sign of RA. Joint pain may come and go, and patients often experience flareups of symptoms. Over time, people with RA must learn how to manage their symptoms and find pain relief.

Rheumatoid joint pain symptoms often affect the hands, elbows, wrists, knees, ankles and feet. Other joints throughout the body can also succumb to RA pain, including the hips, jaw, back and shoulders. The symptoms tend to be symmetric, meaning if your right elbow has rheumatoid arthritis symptoms, you will also feel pain and swelling in your other shoulder as well.

In addition to joint pain, another of the more common symptoms of RA is morning stiffness. People who have these symptoms tend to be more sore or stiff when they wake up in the morning, but joint stiffness tends to fade the longer the patient is up and moving. Joints affected by RA are often warm and red, and patients may feel bouts of fatigue throughout the day — a RA symptom known as sundowning.

Symptoms of arthritis are brought on by swelling and inflammation of the joints, and this swelling can be brought under control through conventional and over-the-counter treatments. There are also alternative treatments for arthritis that can provide relief to patients. These treatments can not only reduce pain, but also help promote the healthy preservation of bone, cartilage and other tissues of the joints.

Symptoms of RA other than joint pain include:

  • Persistent fatigue
  • Fever
  • Eating less
  • Losing weight
  • Aching muscles
  • Lack of energy
  • Muscle weakness
  • Nodules on the skin over affected joints

The above symptoms of RA tend to occur before joint pain sets in, and many people with early onset rheumatoid arthritis think they have the cold or flu. A smaller number of people experience the onset of RA symptoms more suddenly, but usually symptoms set in slowly.

Patients with RA often experience periods of remission, during which times the rheumatic disease is not active. When a remission occurs, most signs including joint pain, fatigue and swelling are gone. A remission is only temporary, and eventually rheumatoid arthritis symptoms return.

Health complications

Rheumatoid Nodules

A rheumatoid nodule is a lump that forms beneath the skin, usually on or near the joints in the arms and legs. A rheumatoid nodule near the elbow may appear to be a lump beneath or on top of the arm, as if a piece of bone were sticking up beneath the skin. Nodules sometimes form on the eyes or internal organs, which can lead to further health complications.

Cardiopulmonary Disease

RA can result in several types of cardiopulmonary disease, including intrapulmonary nodules, interstitial fibrosis and bronchiolitis obliterans pneumothorax. The symptoms of these complications can closely resemble infections or cancerous growths.

Ocular Disease

People who suffer from RA may experience a reddening or discoloration of the eye, sometimes accompanied by pain. The most common types of ocular disease are Sjogren’s syndrome and Keratoconjunctivitis, although the most serious types of ocular disease are the lesser-known types.

Neurologic Disease

People who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis may suffer from one or more types of neurological diseases and disorders. These include sensory peripheral neuropathy, entrapment neuropathies or cervical myelopathy.

Felty’s Syndrome

Felty’s syndrome is nowadays a rare complication of rheumatoid arthritis and is characterized by splenomegaly, and leukopenia – predominantly granulocytopenia. Recurrent bacterial infections and chronic refractory leg ulcers are the major complications.

Rheumatoid Vasculitis

This complication is marked by deformation of the fingertips around the fingernails. A person with severe vasculitis appears to have suffered from frostbite, with the outer layer of skin eaten away to reveal a tight, black skin beneath. Rheumatoid vasculitis usually doesn’t set in unless someone has suffered aggressive RA for several years.

Sjogren’s Syndrome

People who have Sjogren’s syndrome are unable to shed tears or form saliva normally. Most common in women, this disorder is eventually present in up to 15 percent of people who have rheumatoid arthritis. People with mild forms of this complication may experience frequent dry skin.

Back Pain from RA

There are numerous forms of treatment for chronic back pain, although most treatments focus on rest and medication. The medications help to reduce inflammation that can compress spinal nerves and constrict blood flow, which slows down the body’s natural healing process. There are many muscles that make up the back, and resting allows the muscles time to heal from trauma. Tailbone pain is also helped by rest and medication, and people who suffer from tailbone pain must also avoid activities that could cause further injury.

Lower Back Pain Exercises

Physical therapy in the form of back pain exercises is also crucial for treatment. Patients can benefit by regularly doing various lower back pain exercises and stretches. This is true especially for people with rheumatoid arthritis, which is among the primary causes among the elderly. In the case of RA, additional treatments will be needed in addition to regular exercise, but exercising helps to keep the body limber and the muscles strong. This can reduce tailbone pain and especially lower back pain by reducing stress on the vertebrae.

Back Therapy Stretches

Some of the more common lower back pain exercises include V-sits, when you sit on the floor with your legs straight ahead and see how far forward you can reach. There are also standing stretches, when you bend at your back in a standing position first to the left, and then slowly to the right. You can also lay on your back and put your legs in the air, then lower them so that they’re directly over your head, with your shoulders and arms on the ground to hold you steady.

Alternative Treatments

Whether your back pain is caused by an injury or RA, there are numerous alternative treatments that have been shown to help relieve pain in the spine and back muscles. These alternative treatments include massage, acupuncture and even reflexology, which is the belief that pressure points in the feet can reduce the pain. Chiropractic care also falls under the scope of alternative back pain treatment. Thousands of people in the United States see chiropractors on a regular basis for help with their back problems.

Lower Back Pain Causes

Rheumatoid arthritis is a big cause of this type of pain, but it’s not the only cause. There are several causes ranging from stress to sports injuries. The back twists and turns in almost every movement we make, which is why athletes so often suffer from back injuries while at the gym or playing high-intensity games. On the other hand, stepping off of the sidewalk the wrong way can also cause you to tweak your back, as can lifting something without bending at the legs. Once you hurt yourself, the only way to completely cure lower back pain is through rest and caution. When that doesn’t help, a trip to the doctor may be required.

How to Get Rid of Genital Herpes

Have you had enough of the physical and emotional pain of genital herpes? Get the right treatment today, and get your life back on track.

In Brief

Genital herpes is a very common viral infection that affects around 1 in 5 people in the United States. Genital herpes can have a devastating effect on it’s sufferers, as it carries a very negative social stigma. Despite the negative and exaggerated myths surrounding it, herpes is very controllable and responds very well to regular treatment. It’s finding the right remedy of getting rid of genital herpes that’s the hard part, as different people respond to different types of treatment.

Healthcare providers often prescribe medications such as Valtrex, Famvir or Zovirax to control genital herpes. While these medications are great at suppressing outbreaks for many people, they do nothing towards building the body’s natural defenses in order to fight outbreaks and prevent future outbreaks from occurring. In addition, they are expensive, and can often be harsh on the body, causing unwanted side effects.

The Right Treatment

Alternate therapies exist to build up the immune system, suppress the virus, relieve symptoms, speed healing time and prevent outbreaks. These therapies can be medicinal, herbal, or homeopathic, and are available discreetly online and contain ingredients scientifically proven (in studies from the University of Maryland, Biotherapy Medical Journal, Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia among many others) to fight infection and prevent outbreaks.

After months of rigorous independent testing by our dedicated team (all sufferers of genital herpes just like you), we have uncovered the facts about some of the leading genital herpes treatments available today. Below you will find detailed analysis of these products to help you make an informed decision in your own choice of treatments to fight genital herpes.

Treatment Reviews

1. Herpeset

Herpeset is an all natural genital herpes treatment that has a unique delivery system, it comes in the form of a spray bottle that you spray under the tongue two to three times a day. The spray method is used to allow Herpeset to absorb into the blood vessels in the mouth and bypass the digestive system, which can slow down the absorption of a treatment into the body.

Herpeset is very fast acting, whether this is due to the spray delivery system or not is up for debate, but Herpeset does indeed start working much faster than other genital herpes treatments we’ve tested. Our testers reported a cessation of pain and itching within minutes when used during an outbreak. Healing times were also drastically reduced, with one tester who usually has breakouts lasting up to two weeks reporting a complete clear up within four days.

As a preventative Herpeset gets top marks too. The dosage recommendation is to take Herpeset a few times a day, and while this can get a little inconvenient compared to some of the other treatments, the results speak for themselves. Our testers reported drastically reduced outbreaks across the board, with some reporting no additional outbreaks at all during the testing period.

Aside from the slightly inconvenient dosage requirements, Herpeset passed our tests with flying colours. Herpeset is fast, effective and is one of the cheapest treatments on a per-dosage basis, and comes highly recommended.

2. Choraphor

We were very sceptical about this genital herpes treatment at first. Our tester applied Choraphor according to the instructions at the onset of an outbreak, and reported a very intense and uncomfortable stinging and burning sensation. The outbreak lasted as long as usual and seemed to be as intense as usual (same amount of blisters, same duration) so we were ready to chuck it out as totally ineffective. However, as we stipulate testing must go for the recommended treatment period, we had our tester persevere.

A few days after the outbreak had cleared our tester came back with some additional news. She was so concerned by the painful application and the seemingly no effects on duration that she didn’t even realise she had her first outbreak ever with no itching whatsoever. Our tester also reported that many of her usual symptoms did not appear either, which include nausea and dizziness.

After the treatment period our tester’s report was very positive. Despite the initial pain and seeming lack of effectiveness, the Choraphor was shown to be very effective on subsequent outbreaks. In additional outbreaks, the pain of application was diminished to an uncomfortable sting, and the duration and intensity of outbreaks was reduced significantly. In addition, our tester praised the almost immediate elimination of the uncomfortable ‘side effects’ of the herpes outbreak, and indicated she would continue to use Choraphor to treat her condition.

In conclusion, while slow to get going and initially uncomfortable side effects have bumped Choraphor down to a number #2 slot in the reviews, this genital herpes treatment is very effective and well priced compared to most others we have come across, and as such still comes highly recommended.

3. Herdox

Herdox is a natural alternative genital herpes treatment designed to enhance immunological functioning (boost the body’s natural defenses) and suppress HSV-2 replication, thereby reducing the number of outbreaks and reducing severity and healing time when outbreaks occur. It is based around L-Lysine, a proven anti-herpes nutrient. Herdox is refreshingly honest in it’s product details, and is described as a natural means of suppressing the HSV virus, designed to change genital herpes from a huge problem to a minor and occasional aggravation.

Our trials found Herdox to be fairly effective in reducing the healing time of an outbreak, and all testers involved (myself included) found the time between outbreaks to be increased.

Herdox’s creator Progressive Health claims that with extended use outbreaks will become less and less frequent and will not last as long with long term use we can definitely see the benefit of Herdox as a genital herpes treatment. Our general consensus was that Herdox was a good product for the long term and would probably work best hand in hand with another more powerful symptomatic treatment, such as Choraphor or Herpeset.

4. Simplexin

Simplexin is an immune booster and virus suppressant tailored towards sufferers of genital herpes. It comes from the MicroNutra line of products that has had great success in helping those with viral conditions overcome their illnesses. We decided to review Simplexin due to the buzz on the internet regarding the other MicroNutra products, to see how their genital herpes treatment stacks up.

MicroNutra takes a slightly different approach to treating genital herpes, by strengthening the immune system rather than attacking symptoms in an attempt to naturally suppress the virus. The main aim of Simplexin is to reduce frequency of outbreaks and speed up healing time.

Our trials found Simplexin to be fairly effective in reducing the healing time of an outbreak, and most testers involved found the time between outbreaks to be increased. MicroNutra claims that with extended use outbreaks will become less and less frequent and will not last as long.

Simplexin, like Herdox, is another ‘slow roller’ genital herpes treatment, with maximum benefit to be gained from long term daily use. If you are looking for a symptomatic treatment Simplexin may not be for you, but as an aid to building the immune system up over time Simplexin works excellently.

5. H-Away

H-Away is an essential oil based genital herpes treatment. It is a topical treatment that is applied directly on to a breakout by dabbing small amounts on to sores with a cotton bud.

Our tests found H-Away to be fairly effective on a recent outbreak. The application was very gentle on the skin and has a soothing effect on itching and pain coming from the outbreak, but had to be re-applied several times to remain effective at keeping these symptoms at bay. This was found to be very inconvenient when taking into account the application method. Healing time was reduced by a few days on average, but the treatment seemed to prevent the ‘scabbing’ process, with sores staying moist for a longer period of time. This unusual effect aside, it did help the healing process in the end, and that’s what counts.

Another downside of H-Away is the fact that to get a complete genital herpes treatment regime, it must be used in conjunction with another product (H-Prevention) which effectively doubles the price, and adds to the inconvenience factor by having to juggle two different treatments.

On a cost-per-dosage basis, even with the two treatments factored in, H-Away is still pretty decent value and it does reduce healing time, so all-in-all it’s not the best, but still not a bad treatment at all.

6. Herpes-Wise Ebook

We reviewed the Herpes-Wise Ebook as there is a number of these sorts of products cropping up on the internet, and while not a genital herpes treatment in the style of the products above, it still represents an option many sufferers may consider, so we decided to put it to the test. The book claims, among other things, to have techniques to control herpes outbreaks within 48 hours.

The book contains various recipes for genital herpes treatments and remedies and that readers can make in their own home from herbs, natural foods and plants.

Obviously not as practical and fast acting as the above products, as the reader has to buy the ingredients and concoct the remedies themselves and therefore doesn’t get the benefits of fast acting relief and effectiveness of the top two. Additionally, much of the information can be found for free with a few google searches, and a lot of the resources in the book are simply links to sites with genital herpes information.

The book does have its benefits though. It has a lot of information compiled in one source, which can be handy when you need to flip through it or check things like dietary information. It comes with a couple of bonuses, including a treatment plan you can fill out and a natural remedy guide to getting good deep sleep, which can be beneficial to herpes sufferers. It’s also cheap, and as it is an ebook you can download it instantly upon payment, so there’s no delivery time to worry about.

It’s not going to cure herpes, and it’s not going to stop outbreaks in two days flat as it claims, but it can be a handy resource for someone already taking an effective genital herpes treatment and looking to experiment with home remedies.

Noted:  All the products you should ask for further details so as to make your best choice for your genital herpes. It is best for going to see your doctor for the right advice and treatment.

Genital Herpes FAQs

Genital herpes is a viral sexually transmitted infection which is caused by the herpes simplex virus 2 (HSV-2). The virus is characterized by painful, re-occuring outbreaks of weeping blisters similar to cold sores, but appearing on the genitals and surrounding areas.

Symptoms can vary from person to person, and it is possible to experience vastly different symptoms from other people. Some people get no symptoms at all, some will get and itchy rash, and so on. It is also common to experience flu-like symptoms during an outbreak, such as fever, joint and muscle pain, headaches and general tiredness or lethargy.

Genital herpes is present in around 1 in 5 people in the United States, and this number is rising. Around 80% of people carrying the virus do not know they have it, either due to experiencing very light symptoms or none at all, or due to misdiagnosis.

Warning: These are pictures of male and female genitals so do not click if such images may offend or upset. To see some images of what genital herpes can look like, just google it.

How did I get it?

Transmission of genital herpes occurs during sexual contact, including vaginal, oral or anal sex. Around 70% of people with genital herpes acquire it from a sexual partner that has no symptoms and is unaware they have it.

Myths and Misconceptions

There are many misunderstandings surrounding genital herpes. It is still a taboo disease, and upon diagnosis many people feel they are ‘dirty’ or ‘tainted’ and may feel that they will never have a satisfying sex life again. This is simply not true.

Many people feel depression or anxiety over genital herpes, due to the fact that being a virus, genital herpes stays in the body forever. This fact alone can cause much undue stress, fear and anxiety, which in turn causes breakouts to occur (stress is a major trigger for HSV-2 outbreaks) and intensify, creating a vicious cyle.

Genital herpes, just like the cold sore virus, does stay in the body forever, but it responds very well to treatment. Different treatments will work better for different people, but there are a few on the market that are the most effective across the board. See our treatment reviews for more information.

Daily treatment and a good diet can stop outbreaks from occurring, and outbreaks get less and less intense and frequent as you get older.

What can I do about it?

The first step is to start treatment. If left untreated, outbreaks will occur more frequently and will be more intense and long lasting. There is also a much higher risk of transferring the disease if it is left untreated, as viral shedding times (the time when the virus is most likely to be transferred) will be increased in duration.

There are many choices in treatment including prescription medicine, lab formulated treatments, all natural alternatives, homeopathics, home remedies and essential oils, diet supplements and immune boosters.

Once you’ve reviewed and selected a treatment, check out our ‘Home Treatment and Remedies’ Page for more tips on lifestyle, diet and home treatments.

My treatment isn’t working!

The most effective treatment will vary from person to person, so don’t lost heart if one or another doesn’t work for you. Thats what this site was created for! You may have been told that anti-virals are the only way to treat herpes, or that only natural treatments should be used. Niether is true, it depends on the person in question, frequency of outbreaks, severity, the health condition of the patient, diet, lifestyle, and a thousand other factors. Try another treatment and try not to get stressed or anxious over it, stress is a major trigger for outbreaks. You’ll eventually find your ideal treatment. Many, many people who have experienced great anguish over not responding to prescribed antivirals have had great success with homeopathic treatments, and others have had great success with simply modifying diet and lifestyle.

Also remember that the first few outbreaks are usually the most intense, they will get easier to deal with as time goes on, especially once the right treatment is found.

Is there anything else I can do?

There sure is. Click here to go to our ‘Home Treatments and Remedies’ section, which contains tips on diet, home treatment and remedies and lifestyle that can help you get herpes under control.

How to increase your vertical jump

Top 4 factors why your not jumping higher and why your vertical jump is not improving.

  • 1. Lack of knowledge of correct principles
  • 2. Lack of knowledge of correct technique and practices
  • 3. Lack of proper nutrition
  • 4. Lack of discipline to apply proper principles.

How to

This is something you should look into no matter if you are a professional basketball player (volleyball too) or just someone who wants to improve his performance and slam dunk in the face of your friends you should look into improving the high of your vertical leap.Jumping higher is a matter of practice. Everyone can increase the jump strength – it’s a matter of consistent training of your muscle fibers. You can add as much as 10-12 inches without too much hassle, if you follow the plyometrics procedure that is.

There are a lot of drills and routines that will prepare your body and your muscles, that will give you the foundation that you need to start building upon in order to increase your vertical leap. All you have to do is start to make small steps and practice every day. Begin doing plyometrics exercises, squats, calf raises, hill sprints, stretching, … learn the sequence and the “secrets” of the big players and the superstars. It takes commitment and a lot of practice but you can experience fast inches added to your jump and then it all starts to make sense.

Three Interesting Drills

Many athletes across the globe especially basketball and volleyball players possess a great ambition to leap higher that is why this article aims to provide you with info on 3 drills to make you jump higher. These athletes are constantly searching for effective ways to make them jump higher to boost their career in sports and win in international games.
There are varied ways of doing it such as wearing special shoes, taking super jumping pills, or drinking extra-energy giving shakes to boost-up the jumping ability of athletes.  However, these ways are not really effective, and don’t contribute something to give you a boost in leaps.  The best thing for you to do is try the 3 drills as given below.

The first drill is called plyometrics which is a kind of exercise perfectly designed for any form of sport that requires high-jumping.  This form of exercise helps you to enhance your explosiveness in ball games like rapid sprinting in the basketball court, or jumping quick and high during volleyball games. As a helpful demo in performing the plyometric exercise which you can try at home, look for any type of step or a stable bench.

Then, with maximum energy, jump high on the step and jump down quickly.  If you can’t observe any effective result, either the step is so low, or you’re not really moving fast.  You’ll find this form of exercise simple and basic, but when done properly, it can provide favorable effects.  Second among the list of drills includes the technique in improving your ability to jump higher. Even athletes who can jump high or dunk above the net don’t have their own perfect method in jumping.

If you can improve your jumping technique, you’ll be amazed to your high up to 4 inches within a week.  In order to determine if you’re doing the right thing in your exercise, make a record of your performance every time you do it. Monitor your body movements and other important details by checking out which foot you’re using to jump off, what is the angle of your body and knees in jumping, and how your muscles react during your exercise.

Remember that tense muscles tend to reduce your jumping ability. If you focus yourself in improving your technique, chances are, you’ll be able to reach a higher level.  The third among the drills is stretching-out the appropriate muscles.  When you’re trying to jump high, you’re actually using different muscles, so, make it a point to be flexible to avoid injuries.

If you don’t want to end-up breaking your quadriceps while pursuing a dunk in playing basketball, then, think of your safety first. Perform stretching of your legs and back to avoid injury while doing a more effective and safer jump.  Performing these 3 drills to can pave the way for your success in sports, and at the same time, keep up your great shape.


According Miami Heat Strength and Conditioning Coach Bill Foran, “Jumping is a very explosive movement that can, believe it or not, be improved with proper training.”

Most NBA players have vertical jumps in the 28 – 34 inch range. To get the best vertical leap it is necessary to do both strength and power training. Strength exercises are slow, controlled movements like squats, lunges and step ups. Power exercises require explosive, quick moves like those need for plyometrics and power cleans. Plyometrics are explosive bounding, hopping and jumping drills. They blend strength and speed. Finally, practicing maximum vertical jump will do work.

Top Exercise for Jumping Higher

You can find a lot of exercises out there that promise everything to jump higher, but the best workout is one that is focused in every aspect of your ability to leap higher with outstanding results.  Try performing the toe raising exercise in the ordinary way, or you can use weights as a combination.  In doing it, you should be able to feel some stretching in your thighs and calves.

If you use weights, begin with a smaller and lighter one, and change it with bigger and heavier one as you build your tolerance gradually possibly on a weekly basis.  For knee bend jumps and knee bends, be prepared with your body because you have to endure a tough jumping movement.  Avoid bending your knees more than what you used to do because otherwise, you’re taking a great risk from injury.

An effective form of exercise to leap higher is jumping rope as what you used to do when you were a kid.  Now, you’re doing it again as an adult, but harder and faster this time, and you can do it at your own time, pace and place.  Skipping rope is a type of exercise for jumping higher and at the same time, good for toning your heart.  It is one of the most economical forms of exercise that is inexpensive allowing you to spend less for great results.

Exercises to Increase Vertical Jump

In my search for additional information on how to increase your jump leap by exercises,here you can refere as below:

6 Exercises

Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, Football are just some of the sports that require excellent overall body coordination, strength and agility. But if we were to name one quality that can help you stand out from the rest of the pack that would be the ability to jump higher. As many other physical activities jumping is also a full-body exercise that requires you to have the right amount and mixture of different attributes such as flexibility, strength, explosiveness, power, coordination, balance etc. Needless to say everyone is born with a different and individual blend of those skills, but there are exercises that can stimulate the development and improvement of the aforementioned set of abilities. Here are a few suggestions.

Squats – Weightlifting is essential for building strength in your muscles and few exercises have better impact on your vertical leap than squats. It involves every major joint in the lower body and the muscles surrounding them.

Calf raises – Located on the back of the lower legs, calves are important for the liftoff when you leap. There are several ways in which you can perform them including seated but the best way when it comes to increasing your vertical jump remains standing using weight.

Hill sprints – Running up a hill is a lot more work than running on flat ground is. And since you are working against the resistance of the elevation you practically recreate all the movements and use all the muscles that are involved in a quality vertical jump.

Plyometric Exercises – All that strength you’re going to build during weight and resistance training means nothing if you can’t use it to generate power. Power is the release of maximum amount of strength in the shortest amount of time. Plyometric exercises include box jumps, depth jumps, bounding, stair hops, butt kick and more. They must be performed with great intensity and explosiveness just as you would perform a vertical leap.

Stretching – Stretching exercises improve your flexibility and your muscles need to be nimble when you jump. Implement dynamic stretching at the beginning of a work out and static during cool down. In addition a well trained and flexible body is always less likely to get injured.

Jumping rope – A great cardiovascular exercise, jumping rope works and tones your whole body. As opposed to many of the exercises described so far this one is actually pretty fun and we all know how quickly time goes when you’re having a good time. It also helps your balance and coordination, stabilizes your core and builds your muscular endurance.

Common Mistakes Athletes Make

Getting trained accurately through vertical jump exercises is what the main aim of any training manual or practice session. You would end up in injuries even if you are able to jump higher due to lack of technique. This might prove to be a major hindrance on your overall sporting career in case you are an athlete or a player involved with any sport like basketball, volleyball or soccer. Maintaining fitness levels is very important but there are not shortcuts to this except hard work and your determination. You need to work out regularly on every muscle and joint of your body to achieve perfection. Here are the commons mistakes athletes commit.

Incomplete and Inaccurate Exercises

Every exercise is meant to increase your performance and jump exercises help you in achieving your target without much problem. However, you will be more prone to injuries even after following a manual or implementing a coach’s advice. It happens because of lack of proper training methodology or inaccurate way of performing exercises. Before you actually perform any workout, seek a demo from your coach or watch a video clip that helps you in adjusting your style. It will help you in the long run to maintain consistent levels of fitness.

Lack of Consistency while Training

Exercises for vertical jump work in the best way when performed with the right technique and for the right period prescribed. For example, if a program covers a period of three weeks and needs your efforts for at least 2 to 3 hours to be spent per session, then you should follow the schedule without fail. Few athletes complain that they are unable to gain the number of inches as guaranteed by the program. A crosscheck is necessary whether they have performed the exercises as per the schedule or not.

Failure to Work out in a Comprehensive Manner

If you target wrokouts for few select parts of your body, then you are bound to fetch no results. Working out your entire body is absolutely essential. Ideally, you need to cover your chest, shoulders, biceps and triceps through exercises meant for your upper body. As far as your lower body is considered, your maximum concentration should be on your thighs. Any exercise you perform should be in such a way that you will be able to strengthen your thighs. Also, you need to focus on other parts as well like calves, toes, knees and ankles.

Natural Laxatives

If your defecations are less than 3 times during one week, phenomenons of small or hard stools and difficulties of relaxing stools may occur. Additionally even many people feel empty of bowel incompletely, bellyache as well as bloating. This phenomenon is called constipation. Though it makes people feel unwell, it’s not taken regarded as a severe problem, because some laxatives deriving from the nature can solve or relieve it.

There are various kinds of natural laxatives which can relieve constipation at a big degree.

Firstly, you can get natural laxatives from fruits.

  • 1. For instance, bananas contain high fiber and fructo-oligosaccharides, these components can supply rich potassium to the body thus the balance of electrolyte can be kept, and encourage good bacteria of intestinal tract are growing better.
  • 2. Apples have a kind of material which named pectin, it can promote movements of bowel. Meanwhile apples can be made as apple cider, person can drink it by putting into purified water every morning.
  • 3. If you want to better digest, then melons are good choice for easy digest. Because it has features of fermenting and quickly decomposing, thus can stimulate movements of bowel more better.
  • 4. If you want to clean colon well, various berries can help you to obtain such results due to abundant antioxidants in them. These berries include acai berries,cherries, black berries, goji berries, strawberries, bilberries as well as blueberries.
  • 5. Oranges, lime, lemon and other citrus fruits are containing abundant fiber and vitamin C and detoxification abilities are very strong. These can help you to flush internal toxins out and make toxins changed into matters which are easy to digest.
  • 6. Avocados contain abundant dietary fiber, folate, vitamin K as well as potassium. In addition, healthy fats, vitamin E, lutein and magnesium also are richful in them. Skin disease and cancer highly need these elements , moreover they are also helpful to absorb nutrients from food.

Secondly, you can obtain natural laxatives from various vegetables.

  • 1. Taking as a natural detoxifiers, carrots can promote movements of bowel through bulking the excrement.
  • 2. Onions not only have functions for stimulating movements of bowel, but also they are helpful for reducing cholesterol, relieving symptoms of allergy, detoxifing inside body even more battling with cancers, just because they are containing rich fiber, potassium, folic acid, vitamin C , vitamin E as well as quercetin which are antioxidants.
  • 3. Garlic has a plenty of allicin and selenium which are effective on cleaning liver, flushing toxins inside body out and even battling with cancer of stomach.
  • 4. Rich natural enzymes and fiber are also contained in broccoli and cauliflower. These significant elements are helpful to flush carcinogens and toxins out and then decrease cancers risks.
  • 5. Cabbages are helpful for improving excrements more soft and stimulating movements of bowel. They can be made as sauerkraut, soup of cabbage, kimchi as well as coleslaw,when you want to eat.
  • 6. Tomatoes contain rich lycopene which can stop people from prostate and colon cancer. Additionally, they also have abundant fiber which are natural laxatives.
  • 7. In alimentary tract, broccoli sprouts take more effective roles to stimulate enzymes well detoxified.
  • 8. Leafy greens contain abundant fiber elements, vitamins as well as minerals. As our good health require these elements, we’d better to consume more leaf greens in daily life. There are various leaf greens containing good elements for example chicory, arugula, mustard greens, alfalfa, chard, chard, spirulina and spinach. In addition, dandelion greens, kale, wheatgrass, barley, bitter gourd as well as blue green algae also have rich minerals, fiber and vitamins, actually they are good to our health too.
  • 9. As we know, legumes are good to our health because they contain rich protein and high fiber, but have lower fat and cholesterol. Thus, legumes have functions to be as assistance of our digestion, and supply super protein.

Thirdly, you can get natural laxatives from fluids.

  • 1. As the optimum natural laxative, water can be good to make constipation well relieved. Then, in order that intestines are more moistened and bowel flows can be well controlled, you need drink 8 cups water at a minimum amount every day.
  • 2. Coconut water is also a good choice for improving urinary and digesting well. Due to its lower contents of cholesterol, it’s also helpful for preventing atherosclerosis.

Fourth, you can obtain natural laxatives from various oils.

  • 1. In olive oil,flaxseed, hemp and avocado oil, there is a kind of oil named omega-3 oil. This natural laxative can be helpful for moistening walls of intestine, absorbing and removing toxins out of body.
  • 2. If you want tissue healing and repair can be well promoted, if you want chronic inflammation can be reduced, then just eat more coconut oil. In addition, this kind of oil also have function for relieving hemorrhoids,improving intestine and digestion.

Fifth, the other foods such as seeds and nuts, condiments, cider vinegar, aloe vera, sugar-free gum also can let you obtain natural laxatives. The detailed description as below:

  • 1. Various nuts and seeds have abundant vitamin E, zinc, protein, fiber as well as more nutrients. They also are easy to digest when you eat. Sunflower seeds, chia seeds, hemp seeds, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, flaxseed, siberian cedar nuts, walnuts and almonds are optional to you.
  • 2. Turmeric, cayenne pepper, ginger and other kinds of spices and condiments are helpful for digesting, so they are also natural laxatives. On the other hand, detoxification inside the body can be promoted through them, and protect people from cancer and more diseases.
  • 3. Prunes contain abundant fiber of dietary, antioxidants, potassium, iron as well as vitamin A, so they’re called natural laxatives. Additionally, due to beneficial bacteria inside them, usually use them to clean colon.
  • 4. Cider vinegars as natural laxatives have functions for removing toxins in our body, adjusting bowel activities and also increasing energy.
  • 5. As a famous medical plant, aloe vera is also a natural laxative. Because it has at least seventy five kinds of nutrients such as water, enzymes, phytonutrients, amino acids, minerals as well as vitamins.If you want to make your constipation more quick, just drink aloe vera in your daily life.
  • 6. There are artificial sweetener and sorbitol in the gums with free-sugar. So we consider it as a kind of natural laxative.

Finally, there are other options which also can helpful for your digestion and intestinal functions.

  • 1. Considered as a kind of beneficial microorganisms, probiotics have functions for restoring or maintaining healthy bacteria of intestine naturally balanced. If encountering problems of bowel due to intake of antibiotic or a disease, some people will take probiotics looking as a kind of natural laxative. But it’s usually used for preventing or treatment when some people have symptoms of diarrhea.
  • 2. Doing exercise can stimulate movements of bowel. In the alimentary tract, time of staying for food can be decreased by physical exercise as well as stimulating movements of bowel. You are not required to do designated exercises, short walk, gentle aerobic or yoga may also have good effects.
  • 3. With more pressure and motions, not only massaging abdomen can assist contractions of bowel and decrease passing time through colon, but also can make bowel activities’ frequency increased. There is no negative effect and people can finish such action by themselves.

What is White Pill With m357

A small white pill with M357 stamped on it has been identified as APAP 500 MG and hydrocodone bitartrate 5 MG Oral Tablet. This pill is a white oval (capsule-shaped) tablet which is imprinted with M357 on one side and bisected on the other side. The main usage of this pill M357 is that it can relieve moderate to severe pain for patients. On one hand, Hydrocodone which can be also called Lortab or Vicodin, as the main ingredient of this white pill M357, belongs to the drug class analgesic and is mainly used for treatments of severe pain. On the other hand, Acetaminophen which is the other main ingredient, is also a type of analgesic and can be helpful for pain relief and other purpose like antipyretic. Here are some further details for this pill as below:
white pill m357

  • 1. Strength: Hydrocodone Bitartrate 5 mg and Acetaminophen 500 mg for each Hydrocodone Bitartrate and Acetaminophen Tablet USP
  • 2. Route of Administration: Oral administration
  • 3. Dosage: The usual dosage of this pill M357 is 1-2 pieces each time for an adult and 4-6 times every day. You can adjust the dosage if the pain is moderately severe but you should not take more than 8 tablets in a day.
  • 4. Package: It varies due to different suppliers, such as 90, 100 or 120 tablets in one bottle.

Warning and Precautions for special population when using pill M357

  • Women in pregnancy: Only if the potential benefit justifies the potential risk to the fetus, it could be considered to take Hydrocodone tablets.
  • Women in labor and delivery: For these mothers who uses this pill regularly prior to delivery, it may cause their babies respiratory depression especially their mothers take higher doses.
  • Nursing Mothers: Like many other drugs, Acetaminophen can be also excreted in breast milk, so it is recommended to consult with the doctor then make sure to continue the drug or nursing.
  • Pediatric: There are no adequate studies that can be proved to be safe to use Hydrocodone and Acetaminophen tablets in these population.
  • Geriatric: Low doses will be the best option for elderly patients, because the function of kidney in elderly people may be likely to have decreased more than younger people.
  • Other special patients besides above:
    1). People who have health problems in kidney or liver should be cautious to use hydrocodone bitartrate and acetaminophen tablets.
    2). Postoperative patients and people who have got pulmonary disease should pay close attention to the cough reflex while using Hydrocodone.
    3). People who are allergic to Acetaminophen or Hydrocodone should not take this pill, if there are several allergy symptoms when accidentally using, stop taking immediately and call the doctor at once.

Overdose Symptoms

Respiratory depression is the main symptom of Hydrocodone overdose, other possible overdose signs can be including hypotension, somnolence extremely and cold skin, in some severe cases, it can cause cardiac arrest and even death. Hepatic necrosis which may be fatal is the most serious symptoms of Acetaminophen overdose, nausea and vomiting is the common early symptoms. Besides, there may occur some adverse effects such as coagulation and renal tubular necrosis.

What is Pill Imprinted With 512

There are three types of pill with imprint code 512:

1. APAP 325 MG / oxycodone hydrochloride 5 MG Oral Tablet: This medicine is a white round scored tablet which is debossed with a 512 imprint code. It is used to treat moderate to moderately severe pain. Oxycodone is a semisynthetic opioid analgesic and Acetaminophen also belongs to drug class analgesic and an OTC medication for treatment of fever. So the combination of Oxycodone and Acetaminophen can produce better effects for treating pain.

2. Meloxicam 7.5 MG Oral Tablet: This medication is a round, yellow and biconvex tablet which is imprinted with 512 identification number on one side and plain on the other side. Meloxicam belongs to NSAID which is standing for Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drug, it is featured by analgesic and anti-inflammatory, therefore the main usage of this medicine is to relieve the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia.

3. Divalproex sodium 250 MG Delayed Release Tablet: This drug is a pale brown, elliptical enteric film coated tablet which is marked black colored code “512” on one side and plain on the other side. Divalproex sodium is mainly used to treat bipolar disorder, epilepsy, migraine headaches and hyperekplexia.

Details on pill with imprinted 512

APAP and oxycodone hydrochloride Oral Tablet

white pill 512

  • Strength: Rx drug with Acetaminophen USP 325 mg and Oxycodone Hydrochloride USP 5 mg for each tablet.
  • Package: Each Oxycodone and Acetaminophen tablet is available as 100, 120, and 500 in one bottle, however it may vary with different suppliers.
  • Dosage: When using for pain relief, it should be taken one tablet each time and can’t exceed 4 times one day. Some patients will be tolerant to this medication due to more severe pain, it may consider to exceed the recommended dosage following the doctor’s direction, but the maximal dosage in one day should not be more than 12 tablets.

Meloxicam Oral Tablet

yellow round pill 512

  • Strength: Each Meloxicam tablet contains 7.5 mg meloxicam.
  • Package: It is supplied by 30, 60, 90 and 120 tablets in 1 bottle.
  • Dosage: It is recommended for patients with osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis to take 7.5 mg on time each day at the initial stage, if it is suitable for their needs or beneficial for relief, it can consider to adjust the dosage to 15 mg once a day. But it is strongly recommended that you should not take more than 15 mg daily.

Divalproex sodium 250 MG Delayed Release Tablet

brown oval pill 512

  • Strength: Each Divalproex sodium contains 250 mg Valproic acid.
  • Package: It is available as follows: 10 in one box, unit dose. 10 in 1 blister pack.
  • Dosage:
    1. Dosage for Mania: In the initial stage of therapy 750 mg once a day is the recommended dose for an adult. When to maintenance dose stage, it should be quickly increased to achieve the lowest therapeutic dose.
    2. Dosage for Epilepsy:  Monotherapy of Complex partial seizures–10-15 mg/kg/day for adults and children over 10 years at the stage of initial therapy. When to titration, patients should increase the dosage by 5-10 mg/kg/week to achieve optimal clinical response. Usually 60 mg/kg/day is the maximum dosage.
    3. Dosage for Migraine: It is recommended to be administered orally 250 mg every 12 hours one day. Higher doses can’t get more greater efficacy in clinical trials, however some patients may be beneficial if their doses are up to 1000 mg one day.